The Crystal Unicorn Tarot Deck – A Review


Yay it’s Spring!

Well, almost, right? We’re almost there after another long winter. I always find I am most in need of colour when winter starts to wind down. So how perfect is The Crystal Unicorn Tarot by Pamela Chen and illustrated by Lisa Higuchi.

The whole deck is a blast of colour and is SO MUCH FUN! Pamela has created something magical with The Crystal Unicorn Deck. She’s taken traditional Rider Wait Smith Tarot and given it a facelift. Now, instead of people, we are greeted by Unicorns as they go about their journey in a fairy tale forest.

When I first head about the deck, I will admit I was a little skeptical. However, I thought why not? I took a look at all of my decks (and there are quite a few) and while they are all beautiful in their own way and often breathtaking, none of them are what I would call fun. Beautiful, deep, thought provoking, mysterious, striking…but not fun.

So, I happily backed this deck on Indegogo. I’m so glad I did.

The deck pairs the traditional Ryder Wait Smith portrayals of the cards with Unicorns and Crystals. Each card of the Major Arcana has its own crystal and each suit is paired with its own as well. The result is something whimsical, fun and carefree. Lisa Higuchi’s illustrations have a childlike wonder about them that invoke joy in me.

This whole deck, from the box to the card backs to the cardstock, is high really good quality and is a joyful experience to use.

I thought I would do a Tarot reading to welcome in Spring. We’ve just had the Spring Equinox, so what better time than to see what is ahead for the new season? I used the Tarot reading below as it resonated with me.

Smaller tarot reading

And here’s what I got:

Tarot spread

For the question: How Can You Cultivate More Love? I drew the Ace of Cups. This is the perfect card for cultivating love! It’s the beginning of a new cycle and the Cups have to do with relationships and the waters of wisdom that run within us. It denotes the beginning or the deepening of new relationships as well as my own self love. I see the Cups as having a lot to do with loving myself, so that’s awesome.

Ace of Cups

For the questions: What needs to be cleared out? I drew the 7 of Pentacles. This card is letting me know that I’ve accomplished a whole lot. I’ve put in the work and now it’s time to reap the rewards. It’s interesting that I got this card for clearing out, as this card is all about harvesting, giving to those around me and moving on to new projects, new options.

Seven of pentacles

For the question: What is blooming? I drew the 9 of Pentacles. Here the Unicorn is surrounded by everything that he’s created. He’s happy and content, there is a joy about him. I love the bird and the snail in this card. This card symbolize that I can finally reap my rewards. This is a card of and contentment. Everything is balanced and whatever hard times I’ve been through are almost at an end. Awesome

9 of pentacles

For the question: Your Spring theme? I got the 8 of Pentacles. I LOVE this card. It is all about creating, about embracing my craft, having fun with writing and painting. This card is all about creativity and finding joy in the learning and doing. I really love that a card about creating something, about growth, showed up in my reading.

8 of pentacles

For the last question, My Winter Reflection, I got the 4 of Cups. This was totally me in the winter. I sat, unhappy with everything I had and everything I had been given, everything I was dissatisfied me. I went through a lot of growth this winter. Thankfully, it has led me here, to the glorious awakening of Spring.

Four of Cups

For the crystals, Cups are paired with Rose Quarts, which is a crystal all about love, emotion and compassion, the perfect crystal for a suit that deals with the people in our lives and our relationship with them, and ourselves.

For Pentacles, they are paired with the Citrine Crystal which is about prosperity and creativity and honing our personal power. Again, the perfect pairing between suit and crystals.

The Crystal Unicorn Tarot Deck is just a gorgeous alignment of colour, information, intuition and Tarot. It’s a fun deck that somehow makes it easier to see what the cards have to tell me. I don’t think I’ve had this much fun with a Tarot deck in a long time, or ever!

You can learn more about it and get your copy here:–2

And learn more about Pamela here :

A Virgo Full Moon Reading!


It’s the Virgo Full Moon! So, I did a Full Moon Reading. Before beginning, I chose some crystals that focused on self-love: rose quartz, purple tourmaline, garnet, carnelian and citrine. Oddly enough, I think the crystals influenced the reading. I love how that happens. I also used The Starchild Tarot. I love the dreamy feel of the deck and moons play a big part in it’s art, so it seemed so appropriate!


1 – What baggage am I being challenged to leave behind? I drew the 4 of Cup depicts a woman sitting alone, bemoaning the world around her. She is lost within her emotional self. This card is asking me to look at any emotions that I’m holding on to that are doing me a disservice. It’s asking me to leave behind all the self-hate and self-loathing and walk away from that.


2 – How can I be less critical this Full Moon? 3 of Cups. This is a card of abundance and healing. This is a card of love. It’s asking me to surround myself with people I love and can bring me healing. Close friends will bring me joy and, more than likely, show me a way of seeing past my perceptions. I also feel that they will help me be less critical of myself.


3 – What health and wellness area needs attention? 2 of Cups. This is a card of love. A woman swims in the ocean. She is ready for love, for what it can bring and what it can give her. I know that this card is essentially about a budding relationship, a love that is blooming. But I really feel that this card is also about loving myself more, about letting the love for myself bloom bright and strong.


4 – What area of my life needs reorganizing? Ace of Cups is a new beginning. It’s the start of a new cycle that will fill me with energy. It’s a new start to how I view my relationships with other people but also how I view myself. It’s a card of universal love and deep psychic knowing, of delving into the depths of the wisdom that has flowed through my life and learning from that. I need to reorganize how I view myself and how I love myself. I have to know that I am a person worth of love.


5 – What needs to get done this Full Moon? King of Wands. He is enthusiastic and charismatic and inspirational. He is a man who knows how to get things done and isn’t afraid to do them. He’s a confident person and others are motivated by him. I need to become more comfortable in my own skin, I need to love the skin I’m in. I’m on a journey that can inspire others so I can’t be afraid of my journey.

Clearly, this full moon, I will have to take a deep look into myself and the relationship I have with myself and with other people. It will be an awesome time of self reflection and self love. 😊

All We Need Is Love

Tunnamedhe question I am asked most as a Tarot Consultant is: Will I find love?

Love is one of the greatest things we can be given by another person and yet it has no form, no shape, nothing we can touch and yet it can fill up our bodies, our hearts and our souls. It’s a beautiful thing.

All the readings I’ve done as of late have been about love or finding love. I have happily done  the readings but urged my clients to think of questions that would further their personal growth.

I’ve come to realise that love is part of any healing process. Self-love should come first. However, when we don’t have love from another, we are always searching for it, always wanting it. We aren’t a species meant to be on our own; love should be a constant.

We have family and friends that love us, but it’s not the same thing as having romantic love. Someone to wake up with, to fall asleep beside, to pick you up when you are down, to lend support when you need it most.

When I was on my path to love, the first question I asked a fellow Tarot reader was “Will I find love again?”

I had just ended a really bad relationship and had one failed marriage behind me. I wondered if I would ever find it again, whether or not it was in my path or in my cards. Thankfully, the cards said I would, but they urged me to love myself first.

I thought I already loved myself.  I went on a few disastrous dates. They all ended badly and I knew that these men weren’t right for me, that they were repeats of past relationships. They were doors I didn’t want to open.

So I took the card’s advice, asking questions like “What do I need to know?” and “What do I focus on?” and “What is the next step on my path?” and “What do I need to do to better myself?”

Throughout the next few months, I focused on self-love, on being good to myself, and more that on actively loving myself. It wasn’t easy. However, the cards were there every step of the way to guide me along, giving me advice when it looked as if all hope was lost or giving guidance and support when life was dark.

Love is one of the emotions that we cherish and need the most. Why wouldn’t we want to know if or when it’s coming?

After all, I did; everyone does.