We all have questions in life: Will I find love? Will I get a new job? Where do I go next on my path? How do I move forward?

Jamieson Wolf helps you to answer those questions by using the Tarot cards. More than just answering questions, Jamieson uses the Tarot to help others with personal growth. The cards act as a window into the soul helping the questioner see what’s inside them and reach their full potential.

The Tarot cards are a great way to bring the world of the Spirit to you and give you a visual representation of what you need to know.

Drawn to the mystical arts at a young age, Jamieson has dabbled in many forms of divination but Tarot cards are what he always comes back to. Jamieson uses several different Tarot decks but his favourites are the Wild Unknown Tarot, the Prisma Vision and Light Visions Tarot and the the Light Seers Tarot. His new faves are the Harley Spenser Tarot and the Titanic Tarot.

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