All We Need Is Love

Tunnamedhe question I am asked most as a Tarot Consultant is: Will I find love?

Love is one of the greatest things we can be given by another person and yet it has no form, no shape, nothing we can touch and yet it can fill up our bodies, our hearts and our souls. It’s a beautiful thing.

All the readings I’ve done as of late have been about love or finding love. I have happily done  the readings but urged my clients to think of questions that would further their personal growth.

I’ve come to realise that love is part of any healing process. Self-love should come first. However, when we don’t have love from another, we are always searching for it, always wanting it. We aren’t a species meant to be on our own; love should be a constant.

We have family and friends that love us, but it’s not the same thing as having romantic love. Someone to wake up with, to fall asleep beside, to pick you up when you are down, to lend support when you need it most.

When I was on my path to love, the first question I asked a fellow Tarot reader was “Will I find love again?”

I had just ended a really bad relationship and had one failed marriage behind me. I wondered if I would ever find it again, whether or not it was in my path or in my cards. Thankfully, the cards said I would, but they urged me to love myself first.

I thought I already loved myself.  I went on a few disastrous dates. They all ended badly and I knew that these men weren’t right for me, that they were repeats of past relationships. They were doors I didn’t want to open.

So I took the card’s advice, asking questions like “What do I need to know?” and “What do I focus on?” and “What is the next step on my path?” and “What do I need to do to better myself?”

Throughout the next few months, I focused on self-love, on being good to myself, and more that on actively loving myself. It wasn’t easy. However, the cards were there every step of the way to guide me along, giving me advice when it looked as if all hope was lost or giving guidance and support when life was dark.

Love is one of the emotions that we cherish and need the most. Why wouldn’t we want to know if or when it’s coming?

After all, I did; everyone does.

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