There are all kinds of different ways to read the cards.

Typically, most Tarot readers use different spreads and layouts for a reading to give the cards more depth to their meaning. I usually don’t use spreads for my Tarot readings because the cards will tell you what they have to tell you, regardless of their position in a reading. I read intuitively and will give you guidance for personal growth.

A reading with me will  cost you $80.00. The reading will be anywhere between six to ten card and usually an oracle card for extra guidance. If you want a Wheel of the Year reading, that will be 13 cards plus an oracle card to give further focus  for $100. I can do readings for you in several different ways. Given the current pandemic, I will not do in person readings.

I will do readings over email where I will email you a word document that contains the photos of your reading and the information that the cards want to give you. I can also do readings over Skype or Facebook Messenger.

Readings are currently payable via eTransfer. Whatever your question, the cards have an answer. If you’d like to book a reading, contact me at