There are all kinds of different ways to read the cards.

Typically, most Tarot readers use different spreads and layouts for a reading to give the cards more depth to their meaning.

I usually don’t use spreads for my Tarot readings because the cards will tell you what they have to tell you, regardless of their position in a reading.

However, I can do a variety of spreads depending on what you’d like to know or what your question relates to.  Here’s a run down of the spreads available:

A simple five card spread: $40
A Relationship Cross spread: $40
A Celtic Cross Spread is $40
A thirteen card Annual Spread: $60

A long distance reading is also a popular request. Don’t live in Ottawa? No problem!

Simply email me your question and I will meditate on it and deliver a long distance reading for you! I can deliver the results via Skype or with a video. An email is also sent with photos of the cards for your further contemplation and meditation.

The long distance reading is $60.

Readings are payable in cash, credit or eTransfer.

Whatever your question, the cards have an answer. If you’d like to book a reading, contact me at