A Virgo Full Moon Reading!


It’s the Virgo Full Moon! So, I did a Full Moon Reading. Before beginning, I chose some crystals that focused on self-love: rose quartz, purple tourmaline, garnet, carnelian and citrine. Oddly enough, I think the crystals influenced the reading. I love how that happens. I also used The Starchild Tarot. I love the dreamy feel of the deck and moons play a big part in it’s art, so it seemed so appropriate!


1 – What baggage am I being challenged to leave behind? I drew the 4 of Cup depicts a woman sitting alone, bemoaning the world around her. She is lost within her emotional self. This card is asking me to look at any emotions that I’m holding on to that are doing me a disservice. It’s asking me to leave behind all the self-hate and self-loathing and walk away from that.


2 – How can I be less critical this Full Moon? 3 of Cups. This is a card of abundance and healing. This is a card of love. It’s asking me to surround myself with people I love and can bring me healing. Close friends will bring me joy and, more than likely, show me a way of seeing past my perceptions. I also feel that they will help me be less critical of myself.


3 – What health and wellness area needs attention? 2 of Cups. This is a card of love. A woman swims in the ocean. She is ready for love, for what it can bring and what it can give her. I know that this card is essentially about a budding relationship, a love that is blooming. But I really feel that this card is also about loving myself more, about letting the love for myself bloom bright and strong.


4 – What area of my life needs reorganizing? Ace of Cups is a new beginning. It’s the start of a new cycle that will fill me with energy. It’s a new start to how I view my relationships with other people but also how I view myself. It’s a card of universal love and deep psychic knowing, of delving into the depths of the wisdom that has flowed through my life and learning from that. I need to reorganize how I view myself and how I love myself. I have to know that I am a person worth of love.


5 – What needs to get done this Full Moon? King of Wands. He is enthusiastic and charismatic and inspirational. He is a man who knows how to get things done and isn’t afraid to do them. He’s a confident person and others are motivated by him. I need to become more comfortable in my own skin, I need to love the skin I’m in. I’m on a journey that can inspire others so I can’t be afraid of my journey.

Clearly, this full moon, I will have to take a deep look into myself and the relationship I have with myself and with other people. It will be an awesome time of self reflection and self love. 😊

Interviewing: The Light Visions Tarot

full spread

When I get a new Tarot deck, I really like to get to know it before I use it. So, I interview the deck and see what it has to say. This is the interview I did of The Light Visions Tarot.

two of wands

1 – Who Are You? 2 of Wands. This deck is all about choices and its at the beginning of a journey. There are plenty of choices about which way to go and how to get there. The boy holds the two Wands and looks across the water at where he wants to go. This card is all about potential, about ideas and the creative spirit (I can hear the gears in his head thinking about how to get across). I get the sense that this deck is joining me at the beginning of a journey. Now I have to see where it will take me.


2 – Your strengths? The Empress. She is all about beauty and grace, about being in touch with Spirit. She is the Earth, the sun and the air. She is the wind and the grass, the natural world around me. She is so strong with connecting to myself, to what I need to know. She is so strong in finding the simple joys, the little things that make up the day that bring clarity. She is strength of Spirit.

Six of chalices

3 – Your weaknesses? 6 of Chalices.  The 6 of Chalices is normally a happy card, one of celebration, a recognizing of the people within your life that fill your life with joy. From this card, I get the sense that she is spending too much time looking at what is bringing her joy, so much so that it isolates her from the world around her. I need to focus on what brings me joy, not isolate myself from them.

5 of chalices

4 – Type of readings you prefer? The 5 of Chalices. A boy let’s go of three chalices by letting them fall from a cliff. This card is about letting go of that which would hurt me, though it may be hurtful to let go of that in the first place. The cards prefer readings where I’m working on getting past of letting go of that which is hurting me and holding me back.

The Moon

5 – How you challenge me? The Moon. I love this card. It’s all about choices. Do I move the boat further in the water and move between the rocks to travel beyond? Or do I go back the way I came? Do I head towards the Moon and the wisdom it brings, or turn away from it? The same can be said of the deck. The Light Visions Tarot will help me to confront the possibilities and the choices I have yet to make.

I love this deck. It’s odd that I already know it so well, having and loving the Prisma Visions Tarot. I do love the subtle differences in the Light Visions Tarot from the Prisma Visions deck, though. There’s just something about it that’s like a soft and lovely hum.