Fortunate by Kim Rashidi

I had the pleasure of reading Fortunate by Kim Rashidi. It’s a lovely book of seventy-eight poems. Each poem is about one card in a deck of Tarot cards. I loved her interpretation of the cards and their meanings. The poems were short, but they were thought provoking and actually helped me see some of the cards in a different way.

The poems are not laid out in the order. They are all randomly ordered, much like a Tarot deck would be. I love how I could open to a page randomly and find sage advice within the poems. A couple of times, I asked a question as I would have when using a Tarot deck. The answers from the poems were on point and very sound.

Now, there are a couple of things that bothered me. I didn’t like the fact that the table of contents is at the back of the book. I really disliked all the blank pages. I know that Rashidi says that the blank pages are for my own notes and doodles, but I really would have preferred a picture of the card the poem is about or just do away with the blank pages entirely. It also bothered me that not all the pages were numbered.

However, once I delved into the poems, it was to find myself enchanted. The poems are brief but no less powerful. The poems take you through an introspective journey and it’s one I plan to take again.

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