The Path of Tarot

I came back to tarot in an odd way.

When I was hit with Multiple Sclerosis in January of 2013, I was lost within myself. For the longest time, I didn’t know what was wrong with me or how to cope with it. The shadows came and I found myself in a dark forest of depression.

I had to learn to walk again and speak again, I even had to wait for my vision to clear as I had gone temporarily blind. It was a long uphill battle which I almost lost. When I was able to find my way out of the dark forest, I knew that I had to find a way to heal my spirit, just as I had been trying to heal my body and my mind.

I took a few workshops on spiritual development and ended up having a tarot reading on Halloween. I had read tarot cards back in my teens and walked away from them. Finding them again was an awakening.

Within the seventy-eight cards, I found windows into my soul and my spirit. I began drawing cards every day and began to use them as part of my spiritual healing process. Within the cards, I saw pieces of myself and as I got to know them, I used the cards to put myself together again.

I write about this whole experience in my memoir Little Yellow Magnet which is the whole journey that I took to finding myself after waking up in one morning in December of 2012 with Multiple Sclerosis.  You can find that memoir HERE.

Finding the tarot again when I did was no accident. I’ve come to learn that fate has a way of steering us in the right direction, whether we realize it or not. I’ve continued to read every day for myself and for others and tarot has become such a large part of my life, not to mention my every growing tarot deck collection.

I am still walking on my path and discovering new things about myself with every step that I take. Tarot is like the signposts along the path marking the progress that I’m making. Every card that I pull every day is a mark along the road. I can look back upon those cards and realize how far I’ve come.

As I continue with tarot and the joy it brings me, I try to bring joy into the lives of other people by helping them with their personal growth. None of us are perfect and there is always work that we can do on ourselves. It’s always my focus to use tarot to help others on their journey as much as tarot helped me on my own.

This Might Hurt – A Deck Review!

71317428_10162145721050702_4254172927823446016_nThere aren’t enough words to say how much I love this deck, but I’m certainly going to try.

I backed This Might Hurt Tarot on Kickstarter and I was fortunate enough to get my deck early so that I could review it. I’ve included a video below where I go through the cards, but I’ll summarize my thoughts here, too!

Isabella Rotman has created something amazing!

The Box: Right away, I knew the deck was something special. It came in a magnetic close box with gold foiling. It’s just breathtaking. It’s good and solid and excellent quality.

The Cardstock: It’s perfect. It’s not overly bendy and it’s not too thick. It’s got a soft matte finish and no gloss so your cards won’t slide. It’s also edged in black holographic so that even ads to the allure. It shuffles like a dream and it also riffle shuffles beautifully.

The Card Backs: The card backs are so lovely, with the Ouroboros on the back! I love how the deck references that myth, that Tarot and life are a never-ending cycle. I love the myths and legends that play throughout the cards, but seeing the woman from the World card on the back just made me happy.

The Art: Is gorgeous!!! I love the art in this deck and how Isabella has modernized the ThisMightHurtTarot_Logo_whiteRyder Wait Smith deck that is so well known, keeping true to the symbolism, but making the deck her own. It truly is a gorgeous deck and seeing all body shapes and sizes was another plus. I loved the 2 of Cups. It’s the first time that I’ve seen two gay men in a card. It’s the first time that I’ve seen myself in a deck and it’s so wonderful. Addison Duke has done incredible work on the colouring, making the art appear deeper and more vibrant.

I don’t just love this deck. I *heart* it. It reached into me with every card and every small detail in this deck. This Might Hurt Tarot was clearly a labour of love and it shows in everything that Isabella had produced. This deck is a true gem and it shines so brightly.

Find out more at You can also pre-order the deck here:

The Synesthesia Tarot – A Deck Reveal!


Hey Everyone!

I got another one of my Kickstarter Decks in! This one is the Synesthesia Tarot! I’ve been eagerly awaiting this deck for a while and couldn’t wait to open up the box. It came with a pin, a deck bag the deck and the guidebook.

The deck is very simplistic, leaving room for the readers own interpretation. I can’t wait to use this deck to see how it reads!

Check out my deck reveal below!

Wild Messengers Alchemical Tarot – A Deck Reveal!


It came!

I backed the Wild Messengers Alchemical Tarot Deck on Kickstarter last year and finally got my deck. I was salivating for it. It’s a beautiful piece of work and I can feel the hum of the cards when I run my hands over top of the cards. Part art, all magic.

There are comparisons to The Wild Unknown, but they are few. Both are primal decks that feature animals. Wild Messengers goes a whole lot further. The Guidebook feels like it’s some kind of magical grimoire. It’s got invocations, alchemy positions, journal prompts and more.

I love everything about this deck. I’ve had to relearn how to read Tarot in order to appreciate this deck. I did a deck reveal of Wild Messengers and the deck is glorious.

Watch below!